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Tribal blog


Want to show tribal chic without leaving the country ?

Look on the highstreet for fabulous buys to channel the look effortlessly



Focus on fringing , block colours,aztec prints and beading as all will give an eyecatching look which anyone will envy.

Julian J Smith

Also River Islands fashion forum has teamed up with Julian J Smith to create a limited edition collection which also has some tribal references

If your looking for a one of piece which you can wear from day to evening then this is the place you need to look!



This look is easy to recreate by using bold and bright eyeliner Pencils and gels, MAC and BARRY M makeup is EXCELLENT for a wide range of colours and products  

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Cheeky Party

I photographed a family friends function yesterday and it was lovely to see all the kids enjoying the bouncing castle (the BIG kids too). Hope everyone is happy with the photographs from the night and it was lovely working with the hosts two sons who kept me entertained with there funny poses.

Here is a few of the images…

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Behind the scenes of IRONIK

Yesterday I was lucky enough to style on the first set of IRONIKS SOULMATE VIDEO, the experiance was AMAZING and really gave me a boost of confidence in this being the right avenue for my career. We shot from 11am to 8.30pm and by the end of the day people were begining to fall asleep standing up!

The whole team pulled together really well so a BIG thanks to the production, the talent, the models and the runners for helping to get everything done to the level needed before the end of the day!

Heres a selection of images from behind the scenes on the day

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Vogue Unit

Right so I’m sitting here comparing editorials from ELLE and VOGUE for one of my university projects trying to gain some more inspiration for my next shoot  BUT instead im wishing that I was the one wearing some of these outfits !! (Model Demi ,it doesn’t really have the right ring to it)



Hello you little beauts glad that the sunshine is out to play again ! Got my self a new job today so I’m full of smiles and treated myself to a cheeky new TOPSHOP dress