The Colour Hunter

Following up to my last post from the AIU graduate show I was lucky enough to talk to Katie Beglan a Fashion Marketing student from the university who voiced her concept of a new way of shopping to me.

Her idea was to base the shopping experience around colour and to look deeper into the meanings behind what certain colours do to us. I found the whole idea very interesting so began to ask her a few questions as to why this idea would work.

One of my questions was what would customers get from their experience in the boutique?

Beglan’s response was : Customers would be able to come into store and know that they would be coming away with something which complimented and suited them perfectly. upon arrival to the store customers will be consulted on what colour group best suits them and then shown to the area where they are best suited to shop (i.e.Blue,green,red).

The whole idea makes the shopping experience a lot less stressful and I feel would be something which could really take of in the future.

We all need a bit of stress free shopping and I sure as hell want to walk in to a store and know I’m going to look amazing in everything in the room … We would all feel like princesses! 

Katie Beglan , The Colour hunter


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