So I’m back from Turkey and Haven’t done a post in what feels like forever  so here it goes!

After cooking my skin like a crazy lady for 10 days straight in 40 degrees I still do not want to be  in England.

The rain is far more depressing than when I left so I have decided to reminisce on my holiday and the fantastic culture to lift my holiday blues!!! 

The bright colours ,sandy beaches and clear seas have all inspired me to mix up my wardrobe and treat myself to some bright /standout accessories which can liven up this grey British weather.

I’ve been looking at highstreet collections as well as designers to see what stands out to me:

Tatty Devine is exactly what I’m looking for at the moment and their new range of necklaces (The anchor in tortoise shell) are perfect to JAZZ UP whats left of our summer.     The Water melon choker necklace reminds me of those hot nights when we would just chill out with a cocktail and some fruit. Both necklaces could be teamed with anything and be worn in the evening or during the day. I would personally wear them both with quite simply outfits(white blouse,jeans combo) and then SPICE IT UP with a BRIGHTpair of highheels and contrasting clutch.




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